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Eight bites of love from the Kama Sutra

February 20, 2017
20 Feb 2017

MONALISA MEGA BREASTIf you were a 4th century AD elite man in India or born 800 to 1,000 years prior to that, dental care and good well-shaped teeth would have played a very important role in your love life. A naagrik or wealthy man-about-town would be sent to courtesans (the best were from Pataliputra, near modern-day Patna) to learn 64 arts of love, one of which was the art of love bites. Love bites were meant to be visible. Such was the prestige of this art, that those lacking skill or with chipped, overlapping, or protruding teeth would practise self-restraint lest they expose themselves and their partner to ridicule and dishonour.

The Kama Sutra gives a detailed account of the different regions where love bites were a common practice, explaining the combinations of preferences that differed from one region to another. But in general, it says women from the North (explained as the area extending from the Himalayas to the Vindhya mountains and the areas of Ujjain and Gandhara that is now northern Pakistan and Afghanistan) didn’t like rough practices. Those in the South had fewer inhibitions. Even in this geographical division, preferences varied a lot.

Love-making, according to the Kama Sutra, was never to be rushed and always to be enjoyed in all its leisurely, sensual details. Therefore, many practices, including love bites, had to be given time, attention and concentration to reach precision. Here’s a quick look at eight types of love bites from our ancient erotic guide:

Gudhaka: The lightest of bites, a gudhaka is only for the lower lip of a woman. Meant to be a discreet bite, it is such that it leaves no mark.

Uchhunaka: Moving to another erogenous zone, the ears, an uchhunaka or impressed bite generally leaves a faint mark. It’s also made on the cheeks, usually the left one.

Bindu: A tiny little dot, the bindu, like the uchhunanka, is an ornamental bite. Besides the ears and cheeks, it was the only bite that could be made on the forehead as well. The lover has to nip the skin so cleverly that the mark is just the size of a sesame seed.

Bindu Mala: The mark of expertise, though, lies in creating a necklace of dots or bindu malas. It’s made in loops on different parts of the body such as the neck, breasts and hollow of the thighs, like jewel pieces.

Pravalamani: Using the upper teeth or the upper incisors, this small, ornamental curved mark, called pravalamani, or the coral was created.

Mani Mala: Like the bindu, an expert lover would make necklaces of these corals, which were twisted in loops on specific parts of the body, generally starting at the breasts or the thighs.

Khandabhraka: Light and widely placed, khandabhrakas were scattered, cloud-like bites. Although they had no particular arrangement, they were made just under the breasts.

Varaha charvita: If khandabrakhas came closer and were more red in the centre, they would form the varaha charvita, meaning chewing of the wild boar. Also placed randomly, they were harder bites that created the red centres. Both the khandabhraka and varaha charvita were made in a state of great excitement. While these two were made in no particular order or size, the rest were done with precision.

In those days, love bites also denoted love messages or love letters. If you couldn’t leave your teeth marks directly on a woman, you would make them on gifts for her. You would place bite marks on leaves she would use to apply rouge to her cheeks, flowers she would wear in her ear, betel leaves she would chew and palm leaves on which you wrote love letters to her. Now isn’t that romantic?

Erotic Guide-International Escort Directory-Escorts Collection-World Wide

December 2, 2016
02 Dec 2016

 International Escort DirectoryErotic Guide World Wide International Escort Directory. “Escorts Collection – World Wide Escort Directory …

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Erotic Stories – Escort Girl Vienna

January 27, 2016
27 Jan 2016

Erotic Stories First Timers: What to Expect From Your Encounter With an Escort Girl Vienna !


Maybe it’s always been your fantasy. Maybe it’s part of a prearranged situation like a bachelor party. Maybe it’s something that happens if you’re unsatisfied with your current partner or relationship.

Regardless of the reason, chances are good that, at least once in his life, a man will have the pleasure of an interaction with an escort. Contrary to many preconceived notions from antiquated ideas, these encounters don’t always take place in the way they’re portrayed in movies or on television. Today’s escorts are sophisticated, educated women for whom their work as an escort is serious business.

Albeit with a little fun on the side.

If you’re considering a night with an escort for whatever reason, there are a few things that you should know to ensure that your passionate experience is comfortable, erotic, and satisfying on every level.


One of the most important things to remember when working with an escort is that she deserves respect. She is a business woman and provides a service. You are the recipient of that service. Respect her rules and her processes and both of you will have a much more relaxed and enhanced experience.

If your first time with an escort takes place over the phone, listen to what she has to say and how she prefers the date to take place. She’ll be very accommodating to your needs and schedule, but remember that her time is valuable as well, so be sure to take that into consideration.

Be Honest

Your escort is there to please you, so be upfront and honest about what you want from the experience. Is there something that your current partner is not providing for you? Tell her! Is there a fantasy that you’ve always wanted to act out? Let her know! Is role play something that turns you on? Be sure that she knows all of the particulars. The last thing your escort wants is for you to leave unsatisfied, but she’s not a mind reader. Be sure that you’re completely honest with her and she’ll certainly do her best to give you exactly what you want.

However, some escorts have limits, and if your chosen escort prefers not to engage in one or more of the activities that you’ve requested, don’t take it personally. She’ll likely refer you to a colleague who will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Discuss Payment Beforehand

If you’re working with an escort agency, then it’s likely that your payment will be processed before you meet your escort. If you’re working with a freelance escort, she will probably be very clear about payment at the beginning of the date. Assuming that you’ve already discussed her rates when you booked your appointment, pay her when she requests it, and no later. Or simply place the prearranged amount on a table in the room where she can clearly see it.

This not only goes back to the respect portion of this idea, but if you feel that you might want to meet her again, it’s best to follow her rules and do things her way. Additionally, if you feel that you have received exceptional service, a gratuity goes a long way to ensure that you make it to the top of her appointment book for your next date.

Happy Endings

Your escort is always going to be focused on your pleasure, so what happens when things come to an end? Can you lie in bed for a bit and cuddle? Do you have to run right out the door? Again, since you’ve secured her time and her services it’s entirely up to you. However, if you do want a bit of a snuggle or to simply relax with her for a moment, be thoughtful and ensure that she has the time to do so, especially if your allotted time is running short.

Your first time with an escort is a thrilling, intimate, and exciting experience, and if you join the legions of men who adore the encounter, it’s not likely to be your last. The world of high-class escorts is a whirlwind of mystery and passion, and it’s no wonder that it’s an industry that thrives all over the world.

Simply follow these tips and be respectful, courteous, and honest and you might find yourself with a standing weekly/monthly date with your new favorite escort.

Duo Escort

October 6, 2015
06 Oct 2015
vienna escort

vienna escort

Vienna  Escort Agency | High Class Models | Elite City Escorts

High Class Escort Agency in Vienna |  Discrete VIP Service

There are many ways that you can benefit from the company of duo escorts.  I’d be willing to bet though, that you never thought these benefits could be linked to your health, but they can.  Here is a list of the top ten life extending, healthy things you are doing for yourself each time you book your favorite duo escorts.

1. Pain reduction.

Oxytocin, and no I don’t mean O-X-Y-C-O-N-T-I-N, is a hormone released when we are intimate with each other.  Should you be so lucky as to become intimate with a nubile pair of duo escorts you will be releasing this hormone into your body in high dosages.  It is linked to pain reduction, and according to an article in Men’s Journal, an oxytocin nasal spray is currently being researched.  Studies suggest that this restoring hormone may also be linked to accelerating wound healing as well!

2. Appearance.

That intimate activity you may engage in with your duo escorts will also leave you with an increase of oxygen, and a lot less stress.  Less stress is of course associated with clearer skin, and the increased oxygen will leave that clear skin glowing. Our elite model escorts are so good looking that you will be more attractive just because you were around them.  Maybe that isn’t exactly how this works, but isn’t it a great perk?  You’ll look and feel like a teenager again, except less awkward and with fewer pimples.

3. Companionship.

It’s why you booked them in the first place.  The quality of time and happiness you receive from being with duo escorts will filter its way into your other relationships as well.  We all need quality people around for time that will be meaningful, whatever that means for you.  Were all human, and it’s human nature to thrive when shown positive reinforcement and compassion.  The kind of things we get from the bonds we form with others.

4. Positive feelings.

Remember oxytocin from the beginning of the list?  This can also increase feelings of attachment, making for more positive views of the people around you.  We are so affected by the people who we share spaces with, and to feel better about them can easily lead to feeling better about life in general.  Positive feelings are essential if you don’t want to be high strung and worn out all the time

5. Reduction of prostate cancer risk.

Although it is not universally agreed on as an absolute truth, there is a connection being studied between men who are more often engaged in adult activity and who are less likely to develop prostate cancer.  The existing research is a little fragile, and it doesn’t take a lot of questions from someone who is familiar with the research to cast a bit of doubt, but still, worth a try right?

6. Stress Reduction.

Deep breathing, physical activity, and the great human interaction of touch.  Those are not only great things to work on with your ravishing duo escorts, they’re also key factors for reducing stress.  People who have been intimate show signs of a steady heartbeat during stressful situation as much as two weeks later, and they also bounce back faster when stress does manage to rear its ugly head.  Interestingly enough, these affects only come from being intimate with a partner, or in your case two, so don’t try to replicate these effects when you’re flying solo.

7. Heart health.

This may be a little bit of a stretch, but physical activity is technically always good for the heart and gets the blood flowing.  There are some exercise fanatics who will even say to a novice, just do something physical each day until you break a sweat.  So break a sweat.  Even if adult relations aren’t the most strenuous of calorie burning activity, not having them often enough can actually mean something very bad for your heart according to an Australian Study.  Men over 45, according to the research, with no previous history of cardiovascular disease, but who were currently suffering with erectile dysfunction and naturally having less sex, were 60 percent more likely to find themselves hospitalized as a result of cardiovascular disease than the other men in the three year study.  They were also found to be almost twice as likely to die before the length of the study was over.

8. Alleviation of depression.

Serotonin.  It is a hormone that makes us happy when it’s balanced, and is linked to depression when found in lower levels.  Eating croissants or your favorite pasta (carbs), going for a run through gorgeous scenery (exercise), and sex (No apostrophes needed here!) are all ways to naturally boost your serotonin level.  We’d never tell you to opt for duo escorts in lieu of what you may be recommended or prescribed by a doctor, but I am telling you that maybe the time you spend with the two lovely ladies will lead to a lowered dose.

Escort Wien, Vienna

July 9, 2015
09 Jul 2015


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